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tales from the wilderness
Ladies and gentlemen, attention please Come in close so everyone can see I got a tale to tell A l...
Posted on 2016-10-08 by Matthew Homola
Look in my eyes, what do you see? The cult of personality I know your anger, I know your dreams I...
Posted on 2016-10-08 by Matthew Homola
I aint nothin but a simple man They call me a redneck I reckon that I am But theres things going o...
Posted on 2016-10-07 by Matthew Homola
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bragged about attempting to “fuck” married women and gr...
Posted on 2016-10-07 by Richard Root
Hello darkness, my old friend Ive come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Le...
Posted on 2016-09-20 by Matthew Homola
Hush now dont cry Wipe away the teardrop from your eye Youre lying safe in bed It was all a bad d...
Posted on 2016-09-18 by Matthew Homola
Somewhere in a lonely hotel room Theres a guy starting to realize that eternal Fate has turned its...
Posted on 2016-09-07 by Matthew Homola
In an earlier post I said "vote for Hillery". I meant to say "dont vote for Trump." Time for a his...
Posted on 2016-09-07 by Richard Root
Lunatic Fringe I know youre out there Youre in hiding And you hold your meetings I can hear you ...
Posted on 2016-09-06 by Matthew Homola
It’s a challenge to keep track of all the outrageous things Trump has said and done, but his busines...
Posted on 2016-09-06 by Richard Root
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